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What is the purpose of a client portal and how is it accessed? 
A client portal is a secure, private website that provides the clients of financial advisors, CPAs and other types of service professionals with a place to view personal financial information and use financial management tools. So essentially, it is an extremely secure medium of transferring data and files between a service provider and their client and is much more secure than emails. This is particularly useful when sensitive information namely tax preparation documents, tax returns, income statements and balance sheets need to be transferred between the service provider and the client. 

Here at RSKPJ & Associates, we aim to please our clients by providing them with a secure environment for transmitting their financial documents. This is accomplished via our client portal. It allows our clients to safely and securely transmit their documents to us and for us in turn, to safely and securely transmit our documents to them. During our initial consultations with our clients, we email them instructions on how to access the client portal.

Please click on the button below to be routed to the client portal log in page.